Sunday, May 24, 2009


On a lovely May morning Ella found a ladybug in our backyard.

She and Daddy caught it and brought it into show me.
We put her in a jar and Ella named her 'Spotty'.

This little pet kept Ella and John entertained for days...

Ella would often take Spotty out of its jar and talk to it.
"oh, hi Spotty, how are you sweetie?"

and watch it crawl all over her hands...

Over the short course of Spotty's life in the jar, John was constantly checking on her and remarking "ohh, mama, oschk!!! (his remark for anything exciting) all while pointing at it and standing on his tippy toes to see into the jar on the counter....too cute - I have to say this was also great entertainment for me, I just loved watching them!