Thursday, June 30, 2011

pop's house

we went to the cemetery this morning to visit my dad.
today is the anniversary of his death...4 years ago.
we said some prayers and then I broke down.
this afternoon john john was looking at some photos on our computer and when he came to this one he said, "mom,'s pop's house".
he was pretty right on target, this is where my father now rests.
he is in the box (i'm sure there is a more formal, more appropriate word for it)
with the red flowers behind the fountain.
the most perfect place for him to be...
he loved the water, the beach, the outdoors.

i am so thankful to have him in this amazingly beautiful place.
it is the only area in the entire cemetery with a fountain...
it is so unique, just like he was.
it is actually indoors but the roof is open (or maybe just a really elevated ceiling with tons of sunlight coming thru) and there is a beautiful tree...

the beauty and sound of this lovely fountain bring peace and comfort to me every time i go to visit him.
i know God saved this spot for him.
it was the last box available in the fountain area that summer he passed away.
there could not be a more perfect place for him to be and for us to remember him.

just three days after our 9th wedding anniversary my father died.
it took me about a year to be able to say that word to describe that he was gone.
time has healed my pain more than i ever thought it would.
but, i still miss my dad incredibly.
and i still cry over his absence in our lives.
he sure was special.

Monday, June 27, 2011

thirteen years ago today

i married the love of my life.
we were two young lovebirds who couldn't wait to be married.
married before all of our siblings and friends (except one).
started a family before them all, years and years before them...
they were amazed that we got married in college (me just out of),
had two kids in law school, the third during the first year of chris' career.
our love had a path growing all on its own and nothing could get in its way.
our love has grown, produced four beautiful children and become stronger than ever.
stronger than we ever knew it could, stronger than we ever knew it would.

i am blessed to be married to such a wonderful man
with such high morals and love for his family.
to know and feel that we are still so in love and so committed to each other
13 years later.
every day is a beautiful day,
but today is a the most beautiful day to us and forever will be.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

summer snapshot - week 3

here's what went on around here last week:

hanging out with neighbors...
 on the patio, in the tree, in the pool
playing baseball with all the neighborhood boys

playing soccer out front
more reading...
french toast
fort building
reading in the fort with flashlights
slam dunkin'
marco polo in the pool with dad
ice cream for dessert
playing games at best buy
going to the movies
ella was at a bible camp all week
she sang her heart out
the boys had their last day of basketball camp
we had some of the boys over after the last day for swimming, pizza, & popsicles

so, another wonderful week of summer.
the kids have all been reading up a storm.
they are all so into the series they're each reading.
and it is so great to see them not wanting to put a book down.
and not having to make them...yeah for summer.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

oatmeal crispies

i made some of these wonderful little cookies over the weekend.
the kids really liked them - just the right amount of sweetness, not too much, just right.
the recipe is on pioneer woman's blog...she's got some good stuff on that blog.
the great thing about this recipe is that you can freeze the dough and pull them out to bake whenever you crave a fresh baked cookie.
we gave them out as father's day treats to the godfathers and grandfathers.
i've had these fun little bags i picked up on my birthday on clearance at sur la table.
i was finally able to put them to good use,  the kids made tags for them.
i have really been in the baking mood this summer.
and thanks to the double ovens (from our old kitchen) out in our workshop i am able to bake whenever i so desire and not heat up the kitchen.
it has been wonderful.

Monday, June 20, 2011

father's day

we had a very nice father's day weekend.
we spent time with family, and ate some wonderful meals.
we are blessed to have such amazing cooks in our family.
this has been up on our chalkboard for weeks, thanks to ella...
my kids are sure lucky to have such a wonderful father.
he's so patient, loving, funny, and just plain fun to be around.
we were all able to go out to dinner together on saturday as an early celebration...
sunday was spent with family eating wonderful meals, 
and playing soccer together, 
and lighting sparklers.

i sure do miss my dad.
and when i really start thinking about him i miss him so very much.
i miss his smile, his motivation, his hard work and determination...

i miss seeing him in his white hat he wore everywhere.

i miss his unconditional love, his advice, his spaghetti dinners 
and his chocolate chip pancake brunches.
i miss how he cared so much about people and what made them tick.
i miss his absolute love for his children & grandchildren
and his desire to really know all of us, deeply.
i miss his zest for life, his excitement and true joy and care he had for others daily.
i miss the vacations he planned and how much he loved traveling with all of us.
i miss the baskin robbins ice cream cakes he bought for my kids every year for their birthday.
how he would call with excitement to ask what flavors they wanted so he could place the order.
really, i miss everything about him.
and as i type this my emotions of losing him have completely taken over and the tears are streaming.
in the midst of that, it does feel good to pay tribute to him in this way on this father's day.
so to you, pop, happy father's day.

i am so lucky to have the sweetest, kindest and most loving father-in-law...
and i am so lucky to have a stepfather who is so incredibly amazing with my kids...

happy father's day to all these special men, especially my own father who i miss dearly.