Thursday, May 9, 2013

spring break

i love having spring break the week after easter -
with no school on holy thursday or good friday it makes for a nice long break.
we had some nice relaxing days at home, and had a few fun outings too.
one day we went to the zoo, we hadn't been for a long time.
we just love that place...
i finally got the kids into the dentist, for their long overdue check-ups.
i love how into reading they are until it's their turn...
and since we had sick kids before easter, we finally found time to dye easter eggs.
we decided to try painting some this year - we liked that practically more than dying them.
i don't think christopher dyed a single one this year, he was so into his book.
but at least he was out there with us while we were all decorating them.
it was so nice to have some time off from the craziness we've been keeping up with.
four baseball teams, one basketball team and one dance class = super busy afternoons.
to say the least - but it has all been fun and thank goodness for all my carpools...
i am so thankful to have so many school friends nearby - have all the activities close too.
otherwise there's no way i could get everyone where they need to go,
it truly does take a village.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

easter 2013

only got a couple pictures this year...ella got sick on good friday and lc on easter.
they ended up with strep throat, luckily no one else got it.
we still managed to have a very nice easter.
it has been our tradition for years to go to the school courtyard mass,
we always look forward to it (you can tell who's not feeling well in this picture).
still playing catch up on this blog, will be for awhile...