Wednesday, August 28, 2013

back to school 2013

school started last wednesday with half days, and now full days this week.
as per our tradition, we take a picture of the kids on the first day by the front door.
this is the first year our first day of school picture was taken at our new house.
this is a big year for us as we have an eighth grader and a kindergartener.
andrew is in 6th grade this year, and ella is in 4th.
john is so excited to be at ssj with his siblings - i am thrilled to have them all at one school.
he looks so cute in his uniform, and wanted the long nike socks like his brothers.
i think he is the only kindergartener sport'n that look, and boy does he look adorable.
i overheard one of christopher's friends say, 'chris your brother looks awesome'.
it was pretty funny - his friend was smiling down at john as he said it.
john john got to his seat work right away...
ella was so happy to have most of her friends in her class.
and even got to sit next to her best friend elise for the first few days.
we have been off to a good start, getting to school early.
we have a wonderful carpool and carpools for after school sports too-
they have already been so helpful as i am a week away from my due date and slowing down.
here are my two younger ones on the second day of school, so happy and cute :)
the boys are both in the new junior high building, so wonderful for them.
i am still hoping to finish my summer snapshot series before the baby comes.
we will see if i get to it!
here's to a wonderful school year -
a bitter sweet as christopher will be off to high school next year!

Friday, August 23, 2013

summer snapshot - week 6

john looking super cute with some huge head phones on during our drive to california.
the kids trying out the jacuzzi right when we got there.
then heading down to the beach, oh how i love that california air.
building sand castles, going in the ocean - the water was perfect.
spending quality time together at the beach.
loving being in the coolness of southern cal and being on vacation away from the heat.
hang'n out with friends who were also there vacationing.
andrew buying a ukulele for a souvenir - talked about it for days as we passed the store.
the nice owner of the music shop giving him some lessons.
then inviting him to come back the next day for some more lessons.

walking back from lunch one afternoon.
our short one block walk to the beach every day.
tons of boogie boarding - chris and the boys got really into it, ella gave it a try too.
spending an evening with my good friend from college.
thinking i'm surprising her with my 5th pregnancy -
her huge surprise to me that she is also expecting, due just a few weeks after me!
a fun day spent at the horse tracks.
what a beautiful set up, right along the water.
the kids had a ball, running out with chris to place bets every half an hour.
my 7 1/2 month pregnant belly.
john crashing on chris on the walk back to the car after being at the track all day.

a fun evening spent at my cousin mara's house whom we haven't seen in 4 years.
the kids enjoying their pool slide.
loving that my kids are getting to know some of their second cousins on my side.
a few last beach shots -
it was a glorious week and we were tempted to stay longer.
but we had to get back and get ready for this new little one on the way.
the list of projects was long, but i am so relieved to say we have gotten thru most of them.
oh man, do i love southern cal and getting away on a family vacation is the best.