Sunday, September 1, 2013

summer snapshot - weeks 7 and 8

taking the kids out to dinner then to the art museum for the free admission night.
andrew building legos - he chose a small set as payment for mowing.
ella, john and andrew spending an afternoon painting.

meeting dad after work for a friday night dbacks game.
tons of swimming - 3x a day on many days now that our days are completely open.
skateboarding - after our trip to california the boys were eager to learn.
john and paolo playing charades - pretty entertaining to watch.
ella and elise having an impromptu tea party, after a few minutes all the boys joined in too.
summer breakfast - orange julius'.
going to the last kids movie of the summer.
then to target, oh how we all love that store - none of us ever get sick of going there :)
and i am really loving the help with all the loading and unloading of purchases.
taking ella out for a special dessert while her brothers were at the real madrid soccer game.
chris surprising us and taking us to a different point of view - pretty fancy, lovely place.
it was a beautiful evening so we ate out on the patio overlooking the city.
that husband of mine sure has some good ideas, ella and i are so lucky to have him.