Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Christmas 2013

it was a wonderful christmas, especially with our new little addition.
oh, man he has brought so much joy to our family, we are all crazy about the little guy.
i love this pic i got on christmas eve - even with him crying, he was ready for bed.
no crying in this one- just chewing on his hand, he had two teeth coming in.
this was after our tradition of reading 'twas the night before christmas before bed.
the kids get all cozy in their new pj's they receive on christmas eve.
just got a few shots on christmas morning...

for years we have had both sides over for brunch on christmas morning.
it is so fun to share this special day with all our family together.
one of these years i will remember to snap a picture of everyone - 
here's our gang when the sun was up, before everyone came over...

lots of smiles from baby d later in the day after he got in a nice good nap...

for years we would go to my dad's house for christmas dinner.
then for years it got moved to my mom's after pop passed away.
and now we have hosted it for the last 3-4 years.
so, my family goes home for the afternoon then comes back for dinner.
we used to cook, and now we order chinese - best decision ever :)
my mom wanted to get a pic of all the males (couldn't get the red eye out)...
we walked to a boxing day party the evening of the day after christmas.
the presh fell asleep on the way, little sweetie looked too adorable...
the kids were thrilled with the dessert bar she had set up.
we will do this sometime...
my #4 doing what he loves the most, holding his baby bro :)
and a few shots from christmas eve.
chris and the youngest three after mass, the two older boys were altar servers.
hang'n out with cousins at grandma's house for christmas eve dinner.
bummed that i could not get the red eye out of these.
such special times and great memories for the kids to have forever.
we are so blessed to have so much wonderful family around us.

yes, finally another blog post - so many i want to get caught up on, so little time!