Monday, September 22, 2014

taylor swift concert a year ago may

lori and i gave our little best friend daughters tickets for christmas last year.
these two are the sweetest girls and how lucky are they to live down the street from each other now!

they decided right after school to make a poster real quick before we headed out.
they are sure fast, efficient and creative 10 year old girls.
we decided to get out to the venue really early and just eat dinner out there.
elise's older sister, and her friend and mom came too.
as did nani, she did not want to miss out on her granddaughter's first concert :)
i was 5 months pregnant with little d - seems like so long ago!
and it's amazing how much younger they look, just a little over a year ago.
after we ate we stumbled upon some of the pre-concert hoopla outside the venue.
ella got chosen to go up on the stage of the radio disney channel.

the girls all decided to write taylor's favorite # on their hands.
then we took some more fun pics outside and headed into our seats nice and early.
we waited and waited and waited and the excitement grew.
and then finally it started.
and oh, my it was amazing.

it was so much more than a concert.
it was an outright production.
with all sorts of different dancers, and sets, and unbelievable entertainment.

she is truly talented, and so natural in front of a huge crowd and was awesome live.
i have told my boys since that if she comes in concert again, i am taking all of them.
she was that good - one of the best performances i have ever seen.
it was such a fun night and was i ever blown away by the talent that we saw.
so fun to experience something so amazing with your child.
and for her to share that experience with her bff too!