Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Valentine's Day 2014

i love making the entire family feel special on this sweet holiday-
by setting the table and getting everyone a little gift to open at the dinner table.
i love having it all set up for them to see when they walk in the door at the end of the day.

the kindergarteners had a very sweet valentine's day dance and party-
complete with snacks, dancing and a photo booth...
john had a great time with his friends and with his baby brother...
i am sure blessed to have so much love surrounding me-
and i love showing them how much i love them on this special day.
looking back on last year i have to say i'm pretty proud i pulled it off-
with a baby in the house.
especially since this year i didn't get a chance to set the table or wrap the gifts.
it was much harder on a saturday.
with everyone home, an 8:00 soccer game, and a busy day.
i still made a special brunch though.
pictures of it to come, hopefully not a year later but better late than never- right?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Christmas 2014

it was another wonderful christmas-
here are the kids on christmas eve before bed in their new pj's.
and just like last year, d could hardly stay awake!
but i had to keep him up so the kids could all open their new pj's together.
we do this when we get home from christmas eve dinner at grandma and grandpa's.
then the kids get them on and we all read 'twas the night before christmas together.
in the days following christmas the kids built some good fires,
and we had some good cozy days relaxing in the living room by the fireplace.
i love those days at home when we relax and the kids hang out together,
and we have nowhere to go and nowhere we need to be...but home, with each other.

i had bobby go out and capture some shots of the kids on christmas,
mid-morning when they were all dressed and waiting for family to come over for brunch.
bobby spent the night with us on christmas eve, just as he did two years ago.
it was so fun to have him there on christmas morning to be a part of it all.
and he was so helpful getting things out and ready for our family brunch.
so here we are on christmas morning...
and here we are when we went out to pick out our christmas tree...
then these two made fancy latte's when we got home,
they were so thrilled i wanted to take their picture...
it was a special year for john, as the first graders get to be a part of the christmas pageant.
he looked so sweet and holy up there singing, it made me so emotional watching him.
our post-mass group selfie on christmas eve (lc was still recovering from being sick).
and almost complete family photo on christmas eve.
there are many more pictures i was hoping to include but i am having trouble loading them.
and i need to get this thing posted, so i can move on to the next post i am overdue for!