Friday, December 4, 2015

thanksgiving 2014

yes, i am posting on thanksgiving last year as i am so behind on this blog-
it is getting harder to find time, i think i will be forever catching up on our activities.
i figure 'better late than never' - and so most my posts will probably be at least a year overdue.

anyway- last year we hosted another wonderful thanksgiving with my side over.
i will always love setting the table with our 'pretties' and i will always love getting
the kids involved in setting it with me.
 chris has gotten them involved in helping get the turkey ready too.
and we always watch the parade together in the morning -
brings back many memories of the year i was in it in high school.
 we still use the adorable hand made place cards that ella made years ago.
and i managed to make a pumpkin role again...
chris and the kids then go for dessert and pitch tourney to his grandpa's house.
i stay home now with the little ones and do what seems like endless clean up-
handwashing all our special pieces, with the help of my mom.
well worth if for this one special day each year - we are thankful!!