Sunday, July 31, 2011

summer snapshot - week 7

trip to the mac store to play games on the ipads
(with hopes of spotting famous baseball players in town for the all star game...nope)
john john napping with his feet up in the air
building lego harry potter game and playing it
playing go fish
drawing/ hanging out with friends

ella and andrew were at an art camp each morning all week, they loved it.
they had an art show on the last day.
ella performed for her puppet class and her dance class.
andrew performed for his drama class and i have not a single picture of it.
they had their art displayed all over the room.
watching dad flip fried eggs on saturday morning after yard work 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

summer snapshot - week 6

playing games
special snack: strawberries dipped in sour cream, then brown sugar -
try's awesome
more just dance 2 - john john got in on it this cute.
he'd say, 'mama, i'm doing it!' with a great big happy smile on his face.
trip to ikea with nani
the boys brought their books and read as we walked around.
the younger two were in the play area.
i scored the polka dot pillows for $5 each - so cute for halloween,
they're orange on the back
trip to the movies (woovies as john calls it - we do this every week)
baking peanut butter cookies with ella.
hot chocolate with homemade whipped cream on saturday morning.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

summer snapshot - week 5

i didn't take as many pictures that week.
but, we got 'just dance 2' during week 5 and i went crazy with the camera.
the kids were having a blast.  it was great just watching them.
of course, i did eventually join in too.
christopher said, 'mom why are you so good at this?'
to which chris replied, 'christopher, mom was a dancer you know'.
it sure is fun, and a great indoor workout too.
we also had a lovely bike ride to get ice cream & shaved ice one night when it was actually nice out.
and john john & ella got busy in the kitchen one afternoon creating 
'soup' and snacks.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

summer snapshot - week 4

so, i'm a couple weeks behind.
but here's week 4 of our summer...

andrew & john putting on a circus show juggling act
popsicles, painting, poker
(it was requested that dad teach us to play - poker that is)
a trip to the downtown main library
sibling 2 on 2 basketball
homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches for dessert
playing poker plus pool & popsicles with friends
sm basketball camp
basketball out front
ella's surprising us with place cards for dinner
going to the movies
making cookies with john john
swimming, playing the drums, birthday party... all at nani's
building a fort in the family room
napping in the fort
playing soccer with blue blocks
and out back during half time of the world cup
painting toe nails
playing checkers