Friday, July 24, 2015

sumer snapshot week 1 (for the other kids)

surf camp: ella missed the last day of school along with all the other girl scouts.
the last day is going to mass and receiving report cards and they are done by 9:45.
we headed to san diego for the weekend to go to surf camp - it was a great trip.
the set-up was beautiful: cabins and dinning hall right on the beach.
ella got up on the surf board and all of the girls got to give it a try.
it was a great way to start the summer, i just love that ocean air!
leander hoop academy 2 nights a week for the month of june-
john and ella are attending, chris and andrew are coaching.
this is our neighbor's camp and he has wanted the kids to go for years,
so glad it finally worked out.
summer drawing - ella and john working on their covers.
trip to the library - lc on crutches because he tore his acl during basketball :(
d really loved the library and now gets mad if we just drop books off to be returned-
and don't have time to go in.
ella made a dessert we saw on the today show - a chocolate stuffed pizza, yum!
poker - the kids have started playing, using the chips we have.
john loves it and loves playing card games, he's always asking to play.
summer dinner before basketball camp: southwestern chicken tortilla salad.
morning cuteness = d wanting his stuffed animals to eat with him in his high chair.
and pretend feeding them some of his waffle...too cute.
that one is mufasa, named by andrew, and d's favorite - thanks tia santa!
trip to target, i had lc use a scooter...made us laugh, but was very helpful.
the little cutie eating popcorn while wearing the bracelet he wanted to try on.
coming home and john immediately building the lego set he bought.
taking the kids out to dinner for good grades to our favorite restaurant: little cleos.
crab legs in drawn butter served with grilled bread, oysters, shrimp cocktail, hush puppies.
it was all delicious- we are so lucky to have such good and adventurous eaters.
and so proud of them for an extremely well done school year, we couldn't be more pleased.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

summer snapshot weeks 1-2

christopher got done with his first year of high school a couple weeks before the other kids.
the weather was beautiful and he and i cleaned out our side yards.
he mowed lawns and rode his bike to pick blackberries from his great grandfather's yard.
he went a couple times and brought me home some...i made a yummy cobbler with them.
every day he would ask me, 'mom, what can i do to help you' - it was wonderful.
he is such a hard worker and so motivated and never complains at helping -
and does whatever i ask right away...
i told chris i don't know what i'm going to do when he goes to college!
he had one week off of basketball after finals and then he had practice every day.
the three of us had a good time hang'n out in the car on the rides to/from practice.
one day d was laughing so hard at lc's singing and his own singing too...