Tuesday, April 15, 2014

weekend review

baby sleeping 10 hrs. thru the night -
i think due to the massive amount of avocado/guacamole he had the night before.
the kids loved seeing him sleeping in his crib in the morning with his bum up in the air :)
yes, those are flowered sheets (haven't found the boy ones i must have somewhere!)

 followed by morning cuteness...
saturday morning was glorious outside.
mowing was done and then we spent hours outside...
trampoline routines were choreographed, baby swing was put up, swimming was done.
followed by showers outside - we had one installed last year about this time -
the kids love it. don't think any of us even showered inside last summer (minus chris).
and a picnic lunch to top off our outdoor enjoyment in the backyard.
later that evening we ran into uncle kev after mass.
and chris and i were able to meet up with a dear friend who was in town & her hubby.
we had so much to catch up on, i didn't even think to take a picture.
sunday brought morning walk/training wheel free bike ride to g & g's for breakfast.
and a day full of projects, errands, and family dinner at great grandpa's house.
we are soaking up these days that we can be outdoors before the heat of the summer!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

8th grade football champs and SOM

back in the fall the 8th graders won the catholic school 8th gr. flag football tournament.
i missed a bunch of their games since i had just had darrel and it was blazen hot.
but, i made it to (i think, if i recall correctly) all of the tournament games.
such a fun group of kids and parents, hard to believe they won't all be together next yr.
i will miss seeing them all, it is so hard to believe they will be graduating soon.
andrew has commented all year on how he will miss them next year-
and how he does not want them to graduate...they really are a great group.
it has been rumored for years that the p.e. teacher is retiring.
he has been there since we were in grade school.
and he has been wanting to win this tourney before he retires...so they pulled it off for him.
and this first born of mine was voted student of the month this week by his peers.
for the skill of listening, both in class and as a friend.
which made me realize that being a good listener is really important in life -

because there is nothing worse than having a conversation and realize the other person
isn't really listening to what you are saying!!
yes, we are quite proud of this boy - way to go lc! :)