Tuesday, October 15, 2013

summer snapshot - last few weeks of summer

i know summer is way over, but i have had these photos ready to post...

trip to ikea - kids had fun taking turns pushing the cart.
boys helping build bookcases - so nice that they are old enough to really help now.
summer lunch: fresh salad, always makes you feel so good and healthy :)
younger two reading while waiting for the boys to get their hair cut.
kids talking me into going to lunch next door at sauce after the hair cuts.
running into the store after the hair cuts with everyone for a few things -
the kids getting a kick out of all the teeny bopper magazines.
taking the kids to a friday night dbacks game complete with fireworks after the game.
summer saturday breakfast made by daddy: fried eggs with sauteed peppers = yum.
lots of boys in the house to help with saturday yard work, that little one lives for it!
saturday afternoon ice coffee with my daughter - with the leftover coffee from the am.
taking the kids and both sets of grandparents out to a back to school dinner.
back to school shoe shopping while i'm 9 months pregnant :)
grocery shopping- again - john is getting sick of the pictures.
summer breakfast: fried egg whites with sauteed spinach & tomatoes - my fave.
christopher & ella's  frappuccino treat for everyone when grandma & grandpa were over.
back to school labeling - john's my 1st to want to write his name himself...so independent :)
decorating onesies & shirts for our baby on the way...finally, been wanting to do it all summer.
ella mowing the lawn for the first time - she had been asking if she could do it!
back to school mass, donut, and meet the teacher morning.
whew...finally i completed the 'summer snapshot' series.
feels good, even though i am way behind on this blog!!
hopefully it won't be another month before i post again :)