Tuesday, April 30, 2013

an announcement

anyone who reads my blog already knows the news, but i thought i should make it official.
i am happy to announce that we are expecting our fifth child.
this ultrasound picture is from just nine weeks, a new life is truly amazing.
we took advantage of having both sides of the family together to tell them all in person.
it was a celebration for christopher's 13th birthday at our home.
here's how we told them all:
this is only the second time i've posted a video, so i hope it works.
we are all very excited about this new little one on the way.
and i can't believe how fast the pregnancy has already gone by, i am half way there!

Monday, April 22, 2013

why I've been slack'n

We have been dealing with a major plumbing issue since mid-January.
A 23 foot pipe had to be replaced -
That means 23 feet of hard wood flooring had to be taken out, the foundation under it too.
This picture shows the craziest night...
It took them all day one day to trench everything out-
the new concrete wasn't poured until the next day.
so we had this huge long hole in our house overnight.

The surrounding areas were isolated by plastic,
that evening getting to the kids' rooms took quite a bit of  maneuvering.
John sleep with us that night- i was worried about him getting around it all in the middle of the night.
We have been living thru dust, and noise, and plastic for months.
Our floors have been in the process of being redone the last week and a half.
We are almost back to normal, waiting for some cabinets to come in that got damaged.
Life has been sooo busy this school year-
from moving, to finishing the remodel, to selling our other house, to this.
we are almost thru it all - i hope to be blogging more regularly again soon!