Friday, March 28, 2014

st. patrick's day 2014

the school the kids attend is run by and order of nuns from ireland, so it's a big day.
a carnival is held every year during the second half of the school day.
so of course the kids get free dress if they wear green- here's our quick morn pic...
each grade is in charge of a game or food and it is an afternoon full of fun.
usually it is a bit warm, but this year it was the perfect temperature for being outside.
ella snatched up the babe as soon as i arrived at school...
the kindergarten booth is the cake walk (they get twinkies, ding-dongs, etc..)
i worked it this year - it was so fun to see kids from all grades coming over to it.
here are some of my cuties participating in the fun.
always such a fun day and so wonderful the school celebrates the culture of its founders.
can't believe it's christopher's last one as a student there.
really hit me last week as i was filling out the registration forms for next year -
and the school put three in our packet instead of four!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

happy birthday, hubby - a day late

had this all ready to post yesterday...
happy birthday today to my wonderful husband and awesome father to our children.
we appreciate so much your hard work and dedication to our family.
lots of love to you especially on your special day, and everyday too.
singing to the birthday man on st. patrick's day at great grandpa darrel's house.
hope to get caught up soon on all the other birthdays we've had around here lately.

Monday, March 10, 2014

john john - student of the month

finally sat down to blog today and was so excited to see i had photos all set up for a post.
yay, saves me some time so hopefully i can do this quick - (monday to-do list is waiting!)

little john received the student of the month award back in october.
he was so surprised by it at the morning assembly - he looked a little nervous up there :)
our amazing principal went right up to him to whisper some sweet words into his ear.
his teacher had let us know, so chris and i were both there to congratulate him.
my dear friend michelle didn't see me so she grabbed some close ups for me (below).
we had a good laugh as i didn't recognize her from the back and wondered who she was :)
so proud of this little guy as he has really outdone himself in the classroom.
and so glad the school recognizes the kids for their achievements in this way -
of course he loved the party he got to attend with ice cream and fun activities.
here are the student council kids going down the line giving the kids high 5's.
i cannot believe how fast this year is going by-
hoping to somehow catch up soon on more of the happenings we've had around here.