Friday, December 4, 2015

thanksgiving 2014

yes, i am posting on thanksgiving last year as i am so behind on this blog-
it is getting harder to find time, i think i will be forever catching up on our activities.
i figure 'better late than never' - and so most my posts will probably be at least a year overdue.

anyway- last year we hosted another wonderful thanksgiving with my side over.
i will always love setting the table with our 'pretties' and i will always love getting
the kids involved in setting it with me.
 chris has gotten them involved in helping get the turkey ready too.
and we always watch the parade together in the morning -
brings back many memories of the year i was in it in high school.
 we still use the adorable hand made place cards that ella made years ago.
and i managed to make a pumpkin role again...
chris and the kids then go for dessert and pitch tourney to his grandpa's house.
i stay home now with the little ones and do what seems like endless clean up-
handwashing all our special pieces, with the help of my mom.
well worth if for this one special day each year - we are thankful!!

Friday, November 13, 2015

summer snapshot - week 7 & 8

i've had these pictures ready for awhile - so i'll try to finish the summer snapshot series.
john and ella got really into yoga poses and recruited chris to join in when he got home.
summer breakfast: we call it an 'egg in the middle' and we love them :)
some errands and fun treats on the day before christopher's knee surgery.
dinner that night with nani, tata and bobby at the cornish pasty co.
trampoline jumping with the hose to cool off
fun with noodles in the pool, more trampoline time, and magna tile creations.
nani stopping by for a visit, smoothies made by ella, 
early morning walk to see the goats down the street, reading, pool time, trampoline.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

first day of school 2015

the summer flew by and here we are starting a new school year.
christopher had been in school a couple weeks, and this was ssj's first day of school.
sophomore, 8th grade, 6th grade, 2nd grade, almost 2yrs. old, and baby on the way.
i really can't believe how fast the school years have gone-
feel so blessed to have little ones around or i would be going thru some crazy emotions,
with how fast these kids have grown up!

and chris and i feel so blessed with the school's our children attend.
we are so impressed with the teachers, staff, academics, religion - we couldn't be happier.
here's to another wonderful school year...

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

summer snapshot - week 5

reading to little d - that kid absolutely loves books.
lc having a bunch of boys over for the usa v. china soccer game - shown in the pool.
summer breakfast: french toast with fresh seasonal berries.
lots and lots of swimming.
summer snack: smoothies made by ella.
awesome magna tile creations made by john and ella.
summer dinner served on paper plates because our dishwasher was full!
salmon with yogurt dill sauce, oven potatoes, asparagus.
out to lunch to smashburger with almost all of the kids.
more pool time - no way we could survive the summer without our pool!
john having some friends over - playing, swimming, having dinner.
ella and john hanging out at the car dealer cafe with me - ella's water bottle creation.
out to lunch with uncle bobby- andrew was a volunteer at a camp all week.
pool routines made by john and ella,  more awesome magna tile creations made by them-
while i took lc to the doctor for his knee and d napped.
andrew getting dropped off for his last day as a leader at the camp he volunteered at.
taking out my oldest and youngest to lunch when they were the only two home.