Wednesday, May 14, 2014

mother's day 2014

i am so lucky to be the mother of these five wonderful children of mine.
and so lucky to have such a wonderful mother and mother-in-law in my life.
darrel was starting to get mad right as we were trying to take a picture :)
we hosted mother's day brunch for chris' side at our house this year.
it was lovely- i wish i would have gotten some pics of everyone and the pretties i had out.
john was a powerhouse on saturday squeezing and squeezing oranges for our fresh juice.
andrew did a good amount of squeezing too (the other two were gone).
the babe looked too darn cute napping while everyone was busy in the kitchen on sunday...
mom and i got our nails done (ella had already gone with friends - a rare occurrence),
and we shopped a bit before my side came over for dinner.
we had just started playing monopoly when my brothers arrived-
little d was mesmerized by my brother john- he immediately sat down right next to him.
i just loved watching him sit there with that baby of mine and entertain him...

had to include these of the cutie playing...
it was a lovely mother's day...

Monday, May 12, 2014

reading buddies

these are some of my most favorite recent photos of my two youngest boys.
john john reading a baby book to little baby d.
so stinkin cute, just love these shots of them...
how lucky this little guy is to have these wonderful siblings surrounding him.
and they (we) in turn are so lucky to have him among us each day as well.
john has read to his baby bro since he was an infant.
baby d was just two months old in these next two shots...

and his other two brothers have also read and studied next to their baby brother
for many many months, for all of his life so far...
god has truly blessed us by giving us this precious little guy-
andrew keeps asking if we can give him something to freeze him.
and ella cries at the thought if him not being a baby next year.
yes, babies are the best, and yes they grow up way too fast!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

staring contest

these two cracked me up back in march, just looking at each other.
they keep each other entertained at times and baby d knows lady's name very well.
he is learning the kids' names too - seems to be learning them and their different sounds.
this little baby boy is growing up way too fast.
and i am way going to try to catch up with all he and everyone has been doing!