Monday, June 16, 2014

8th grade graduation

yes, i officially have a high schooler - my, oh my where has the time gone?
it has been so nostalgic for me this year, looking back on all those wonderful years.
and all the fabulous kids who have been together since kinder are growing up.
the 8th grade mass and ceremony was so beautiful, it brought me to tears several times.
christopher was chosen by the principal to bring up the gifts,
along with his good friend, reagan and some sweet girls.
here he is receiving his diploma and some special awards - we are sure proud of him.
and our pastor giving our amazing principal a bouquet of flowers -
we have been so blessed to have her in our children's lives and to know them so well.
here is our graduate on his way out of the ceremony.
and many of his friends: jack, ben h., chad, ben p., matt (stoops), reagan.
both of christopher's godparents were there: uncle greg and auntie jenny -
my bf from college, she flew in from texas with her two children for the occasion.
and much of our family were able to make it -
so happy they could be there and share this special evening with us.
i was able to get some pics of christopher and his friends afterwards:
with reagan, matt (blurry), chad and hieu before they headed over to their dance.
and we were able to chat with our wonderful pastor before heading over to the hall...
the parents get to go into the dance for a special mother/son or father/daughter dance.
the rest of the evening is just for the graduates to celebrate their last time together.
it was sure fun seeing everyone in there together - andrew took this great pic of us :)
i got this one of these sweet girls as we were headed out.
chris took this last one of ben and chris when he went back to pick him up at 11:00.
it was sure a wonderful evening and an amazing 9 years in an incredible school.
outstanding principal, teachers, nuns, priests, families, friends and community -
words truly cannot describe what a truly unique and marvelous place ssj is.
and thank goodness for that because we will be there for a looong time :)