Friday, February 17, 2017

Christopher's 16th birthday

christopher got permission from a teacher at school to use his classroom at lunch
and i brought pizza for him and his friends - here are some of them.
i was glad i could do something special for him even with a toddler and baby in tow.
i had a last minute family dinner for him with both of our sides over.
not easy to do on a school night and with little ones, but it worked out.
i like my kids to feel how special they are on their birthdays,
and that requires a lot of work with a large family but it is worth it and so important.
i couldn't be more proud of my oldest and the young man he has become.
he excels in school, has friends in all circles at school, has taken his rehab and injury in stride,
and is a wonderful example and older brother to all of his siblings.
this is the card andrew made him.
i always had the kids make cards for family on their birthdays and so they now do it for each other too, they have gotten very creative over the years.
i think it is so special that they do this for each other and the family.
christopher went to one of his good friend's surprise birthday parties this year
and i got out two cards for him to choose from to give to her.
he chose the bigger one and said he needed room to write.
he really thought and took his time writing the card and i thought that was so sweet and thoughtful.
i guess my hard work in parenting them is paying off!
it made me feel so proud of him.
we had a backyard bonfire birthday party for him with his friends, they had a great time.
i was so impressed with all his friends and how polite they were.
it's amazing how much they have grown (as i am writing this a year later).
i'm annoyed realizing that i don't think i took any pics this year of his bonfire party!
it was a wonderful celebration of christopher's 16th birthday!

Ella and John's Cafe - the first one

i think it's been at least a year since i have blogged?
a very slow old computer and another baby have left me with little time to,
but i am going to try to get caught up on the last couple years...

years ago ella and john really wanted to have a restaurant in our house.
they had a plan and boy did they put it into action.
down to a ribbon cutting ceremony...
i guess it was called 'the fun cafe'.
ella would have been in 4th grade here and john in first.
i think this was shortly after thanksgiving that year, 2014.
they typed up menus, took orders, and seriously made a delicious breakfast.
ella even lit the candles on the table for ambiance, females always pay attention to detail!
i guess i have taught her well, that girl could seriously run the house if need be :)
look at all that whipped cream, they definitely did not skimp.
it was actually really nice to be waited on and have someone cook for me!
i was very impressed with them and all they did.
i think this was the first restaurant they had, there were several more after this.
i'm not sure if i have pics of all of them but i do of some,
hopefully i'll be posting those soon too.