Saturday, July 27, 2013

summer snapshot - week 4

all four kids playing yu-gi-oh! card games together.
summer breakfast: french toast with fresh seasonal berries.
playing table hockey games with the new set the boys found thrift store shopping w/nani.

kids helping decorate ice cream sandwiches for the sunday extended family dinner meal.
ella and john helping me grocery shop again.
i love the extra helping hands, especially with unloading the groceries when we get home.
ella painting over a patch behind her door.
john doing a workbook page in the living room.
ella making a duct tape wallet - she teaches herself watching videos on the ipad.
she has also learned to make duct tape hair bows and flowers.
lots and lots of swimming - don't know what we'd do without a pool.
summer dinner: chicken caesar salad with french bread.
boys waiting to get their hair cut.
kids running out after hearing the music of the ice cream truck -
he has visited our street a few times :)
neighborhood 4th of july parade - chris and i rode the 2 youngest in the petal cart.
it was a real hit, the mayor even asked for a picture with ella when he saw us.
lc rode scooters with his friends and andrew rode bikes with his.
we got out the cotton candy maker after all the friends/cousins had left on the 4th of july.
ella made sweet treats for everyone in the family, it just makes small batches.
lots of lego building - uncle bobby helped ella finish her set.
all the kids and uncle bobby went to town with the legos in john's room.
christopher spent several days working on the big set he got for his birthday.
chris and the kids made homemade sushi on friday night for dinner.
one had avocado and cucumber and one had those two plus tempura shrimp.
the three older kids all took turns making a roll, they were delicious :)

Friday, July 5, 2013

summer snapshot - week 3

ella and john having an afternoon snack out back after swimming.
having the uncles over for tio john's birthday and making him banana bread.
playing checkers with the uncles - john has been really into checkers for awhile now.

ella and john helping me at the grocery store: pick produce, load and unload the groceries.
all the kids set up army guys in johns room one afternoon.
first trip to the library this summer.
christopher and ella making homemade frappuccino's for dessert for everyone.
going to the movies weekly - the last two weeks it's just been my oldest and youngest.
summer lunch - chris and ella helped cut up all the wonderful toppings for the salad.
ella helping make homemade rasberry popsicles for our anniversary dessert.
the cucumber soup i made for an appetizer for our anniversary dinner meal.
saturday yard helpers - that little john is sure one hard worker,
and he sure loves earning money and talking about math facts all the time, my little 'count'.