Monday, March 18, 2013

a wild birthday

ella's 9th birthday was a couple of weeks ago (i am really behind on the blog this year!)
the third grade went on a field trip to the wildlife zoo that day, perfect timing :)
she was so excited for this special day-
woke up so happy and ready to go have a fun filled day outside.
she is so much more comfortable around animals than i ever was at her age.
it was so fun to see her feeding them and enjoying being around them.
she brought her ds and ran around taking tons of pictures.
all the girls would run up to her to see the shots she had taken.
they were all so excited to be there running around together.
here she is with one of the smaller girls in her class, she is sure a tall girl...
we had just the grandparents over for dinner since our home is under construction.
she decorated her cake...
9 things i love about ella:

1. you are a good friend, you are so kind to everyone in your class
2. you are super thoughtful, always making little gifts from household items for your friends/family
3. resourceful and crafty - describe you to a t
4. you are a quiet leader, your peers are drawn to you and your calm demeanor
5. you know how to have fun with your friends without being bossy
6. you are very smart, but you do not boast or brag - you are very humble
7. you are a wonderful 2nd mama to little john, carrying him, reading to him, helping him.
8. you are so good at helping me get ready for a party, i don't know what i'd do without you!
9. you love being silly with your brothers and hang'n out with them no matter what they are doing.