Wednesday, September 16, 2015

summer snapshot - week 5

reading to little d - that kid absolutely loves books.
lc having a bunch of boys over for the usa v. china soccer game - shown in the pool.
summer breakfast: french toast with fresh seasonal berries.
lots and lots of swimming.
summer snack: smoothies made by ella.
awesome magna tile creations made by john and ella.
summer dinner served on paper plates because our dishwasher was full!
salmon with yogurt dill sauce, oven potatoes, asparagus.
out to lunch to smashburger with almost all of the kids.
more pool time - no way we could survive the summer without our pool!
john having some friends over - playing, swimming, having dinner.
ella and john hanging out at the car dealer cafe with me - ella's water bottle creation.
out to lunch with uncle bobby- andrew was a volunteer at a camp all week.
pool routines made by john and ella,  more awesome magna tile creations made by them-
while i took lc to the doctor for his knee and d napped.
andrew getting dropped off for his last day as a leader at the camp he volunteered at.
taking out my oldest and youngest to lunch when they were the only two home.

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