Friday, February 17, 2017

Ella and John's Cafe - the first one

i think it's been at least a year since i have blogged?
a very slow old computer and another baby have left me with little time to,
but i am going to try to get caught up on the last couple years...

years ago ella and john really wanted to have a restaurant in our house.
they had a plan and boy did they put it into action.
down to a ribbon cutting ceremony...
i guess it was called 'the fun cafe'.
ella would have been in 4th grade here and john in first.
i think this was shortly after thanksgiving that year, 2014.
they typed up menus, took orders, and seriously made a delicious breakfast.
ella even lit the candles on the table for ambiance, females always pay attention to detail!
i guess i have taught her well, that girl could seriously run the house if need be :)
look at all that whipped cream, they definitely did not skimp.
it was actually really nice to be waited on and have someone cook for me!
i was very impressed with them and all they did.
i think this was the first restaurant they had, there were several more after this.
i'm not sure if i have pics of all of them but i do of some,
hopefully i'll be posting those soon too.

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